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Millions of websites run Apache HTTP web server.  You will be enabled to install, configure and troubleshoot Apache Web Server, ProFTPD server and Cyrus IMAP/Postfix mail server.  New comers will build and design a multiple basic webservers/sites, while seasoned IT professionals will deploy scalable, cutting edge content management solutions, optimized for publishing and business flow.   Prerequisites are basic GNU/Linux skills you learned in Linux 101 (install Debian GNU/Linux), Linux102 (Configure a LAN), and Linux103 (Server Virtualization).

WebServer 101 - Hands-on Apache Web & FTP Server
WebServer 102 - Content Management Servers
WebDesign 101 - Basics in Website Design - Content and Tools
MailServer 101 - Installation & Configuration of Cyrus IMAP Collaborative Mail Server

WebServer 101 - Hands-on Apache Web & FTP Server

At the end of this introductory course you will be able to install, configure and run the Apache HTTP - the world's leading web server. The installation will be on Debian GNU/Linux operating system and you will learn how to configure a stand alone of virtual host HTTP webserver. The course is based on step-by-step procedures, live demonstrations, and real-world examples. As a bonus you will learn to install proFTPD server in order to transfer files from and to webserver. Prerequisites are Debian  GNU/Linux installation and basic of navigation through CLI or GUI

The following are few of the procedures learned during this course

  • Install Apache on Debian GNU/Linux
  • Navigate Apache's directory structure
  • Understand Apache configuration files
  • Starting/Stopping Apache on Unix/Linux Apache Executable
  • Overview and Installation of Apache Modules
  • Setup Multiple Websites with Virtual Hosting (Name-based Virtual Hosts)
  • Managing Scripts (PHP and Perl)

Beyond the concrete skills of how to install and run Apache HTTP server, this course will allow you to attend more advanced courses on how you secure, tune and optimize Apache HTTP server, or to deploy scalable, database driven Content Management Servers.

Price $150.00

(price ex. vat 150)

MailServer 101 - Installation & Configuration of Cyrus IMAP Collaborative Mail Server

In-spite of social media explosion, the email remains the backbone communication tool in the internet. It just got more integrated as a groupware to almost all other services out there.

This is a 36 hour - four day,  hands-on training on installing and configuring a collaborative mail server based on Cyrus IMAP mail server, Postfix Mail Transfer Agent and AMAVIS antivirus and SpamAssassin integrated with Kolab.

Cyrus IMAP mail server is known for its stability and scalability (capable of handling in excess of 50000 users), however, this course will have an introductory, strict functional objective.You will learn through a step-by-step demonstration which leads to a functional mail server.

For more advanced features, we offer next level course which will allow to leveraging full Cyrus IMAP server in an enterprise. That course will enable fine tuning, scalability and high availability features able to handle tens of thousands of users specific for universities, government or big corporations.

 The prerequisites for this functional introductory course on Cyrus IMAP mail server are: Debian GNU/Linux installation, command line interface and graphic user interface navigation trhough linux, functional knowledge of text editing (e.g. Nano), functional knowledge of Apache HTTP webserver, and basic knowledge of setting up a relational database management system such as PostgreSQL or MySQL.

Price $999.00

(price ex. vat 999)

WebServer 102 - Content Management Servers

True enterprises have sophisticated needs for work flow, scalability and design, specifically defined for intra and internet web solutions, and specific needs for different locations and languages. We provide full training of how to design and implement  Content Management Servers (CMS) based on PHP (such as EZ Publish) and python (Plone) with backbone based on PostgreSQL database, apache HTTP webserver, and Debian GNU/Linux.

This are few basic criteria for the CMS:

  •  to be scalable
  • to have separated content from design layers
  •  to allow refined and integrated controlled access to the site
  • to provide simple web interface so non-technical personnel can contribute and modify content.

The courses will be 36 hours long (4 full days) and cover all aspects from basic installation and configuration, to simple troubleshooting.

Price $999.00

(price ex. vat 999)

WebDesign 101 - Basics in Website Design - Content and Tools

This is a basic introduction on how to design a website. This will tackle both, graphical and technical aspects of web page development. You create a webpage using html, cascade style sheet, and javascript. PHP language has its own practical. During the course you will be using tools with graphical user interface as well command line interface.

Price $50.00

(price ex. vat 50)