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Linux 103 - Virtualization/Cloud Computing Basics with Debian GNU/Linux

Linux 103 - Virtualization/Cloud Computing Basics with Debian GNU/Linux

Virtualization is the ability to run multiple, independent, and diverse operating systems within a single physical machine. The HOST operating system runs the virtualization HYPERVISOR software, which can provide the emulation required to run MULTIPLE and DIVERSE, GUEST VIRTUAL MACHINES..

This is a 10 hour,  hands-on course on virtualization, with emphasis on Debian GNU/Linux as HOST operating system which runs KVM hypervisor.  Different GUESTS OSes will be installed and configured in a as virtual machines ( Debian GNU/Linux, Scientific Linux, Free BSD Unix, and WIndows). The prerequisite for this course are basic understanding of networking, and previous experience on installing and configuring Debian GNU/Linux (Linux101 & 102).

Virtualization provides efficient utilization of IT resources and reduce hardware cost. Virtualization is an important component of cloud-computing, and provides basic characteristics: elasticity, scalability, pay-per-use, on demand, resiliency, multitenancy and workload movement.

The course is based mainly on the open source Type 1 hypervisor -Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) running on Debian GNU/Linux version 6.3. In addition the attendees will be briefly introduced to Type 2 hypervisor (VirtualBox).

At the end of the course the attendee will know to:

  • install and configure qemu-kvm hypervisor in a Debian GNU/Linux environment
  • manage the qemu-kvm with virtual manager and virsh
  • add, clone, remove or migrate virtual machines
  • install in the VMs different operating systems (Linux, Windows, and MacOS)
  • configure virtual and local  area networks with the new virtual machines
  • configure host bridges and assign static IPs  to virtual machines

Virtualization is a basic component for any enterprise network. The skills acquired in this course will be of great importance for system architects and administrators when deploying web servers, file servers, mail servers and other specialized services. Programers benefit as they can test their code and products in diverse operating systems and settings using multiple virtual machines in a single physical computer.

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