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Linux 102 - Debian GNU/Linux - in Small Office Local Area Network

This intermediate 10 hours hands-on course will enable you to deploy Debian GNU/Linux in a small office local area network. Prerequisites for this course are basic knowledge of Debian GNU/Linux installation, KDE, and GNOME usage, file navigation and repositories configuration, all taught on Linux101. In this course you will use both, graphic user interface (GUI), and command line interface (CLI) for almost all settings and configurations.

This course will enable you to:

  • add users and groups
  • manage and mount disk partitions
  • learn troubleshooting algorithm and techniques  including monitoring and log analysis
  • share files and folders through samba
  • configure basic printing service
  • perform basic firewall & router configuration
  •  configure firewall Port Forwarding
  • configure basic  network  (TCP/IP,  network ports, DHCP and DNS)
  • connect to a remote server through ssh  and vnc (graphic interface)
  • setup and configure an FTP server
  • configure the network through routers, switches and hubs

Local area networking skills gained from this course will allow you to deploy a file or ftp server in a small office environment, and also will serve as base for more advanced hands-on courses such as virtualization (Linux 104) , web or mail servers, enterprise networking (Linux 105).

Price $99.00