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Linux 101 - Debian GNU/Linux Installation and Configuration

This is an introductory GNU/Linux, hands-on, one day (~10 hours) course aimed towards people with general computer skills (use of a mouse and keyboard), and little or no previous exposure to GNU/Linux. You will be enabled to:

  • install, configure  and use Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 "Squeeze" Operating System, and Free/Libre Open Source software such as office applications, graphic art tools, and other applications of your interest.
  • navigate  through KDE and GNOME graphic user interface (GUI) environments, which resemble interfaces encountered in Microsoft Windows or Apple MacIntosh.
  • perform core tasks , such as adding users and groups, navigate through the file system and search for files, connect to and use internet, install a printer and a scanner and burn a CD.

We enable you to use GNU/Linux Free/Libre Open Source Software at home, business or school. It means that you are free to copy, distribute, use, modify every single piece of software you use in this training.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Debian GNU/Linux is the main operating system on which applications in ALL our courses run, and they are tested on. Once again, future courses in networking, server virtualization, enterprise, bioinformatics and electronics will be taught using Debian GNU/Linux. This course  (Linux 101) is for everyone, and you can/will install in your computer Debian GNU/Linux Operating alone or  as dual boot with your previous OS (Windows or MacOS). In this way, you can attend all our courses and if you wish, use your own computer.


  • New Comers to Computers /Information Technology : GNU/Linux and Open Source is ubiquituos and mighty. From smartphone, to laptop, or running large enterprise servers used for weather prediction, drug design or running 30000 servers farm at Facebook,  lends credibility and future proof certainty that your time spent to learn Linux has unlimited potential, regardless whether you are a high school student or highly accomplished professional. It is about freedom, flexibility and power. While we have clear objective of teaching you how to install and configure Debian GNU/Linux workstation, we will make sure that the pace is geared towards beginners who need confidence that they can do it.
  • Windows & MacOS administrators : Though Microsoft and Apple are leading software corporations in desktop software, more than 70% of world web servers run on open source. Hundreds of thousand of open source free high quality applications packaged for linux represents the a future paradigm whereby service  will be main way income will be generated.
  • Linux Users : If you dipped into linux, but you were not quite sure why did you do a certain partition, or how really to use sound server, or want to go to next level in deploying web and mail servers, then our courses are for you.  Highest professionals, used to a particular flavor of linux can benefit from our Enterprise courses.
  • Programmers: Linux is  a complex environment and the preferred platform for a myriad of useful and software such as bio-informatics or embedded software. The myriad of tools and platforms for programing is far beyond anything what proprietary.
  • Scientific Researchers - Biomedical Science Students: Few hundred software packages of highest power and quality are packaged for Debian. The array of scientific From microarray analaysis, to image quantification and analysis and genome and protein works or mathematics and physics. Hundreds of programers and researchers have worked years to come with this packages - there are free and packaged in Debian as one click away. 

We provide the computers and the materials to do the training. However you are  welcome, even encouraged to bring your own laptops and/or desktops so we can install Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze either as standalone or dual booting with your OS (windows or Mac).

Dates Offered (you can choose one or the other):

Week Day Option

  • Thursday 24 & Friday 25 March 2011-  from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM ( two day ~ 5 hours a day ~ 10 hours total)

Weekend Option:

  •  Saturday 26 March 2011-  from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM ( two day ~ 5 hours a day ~ 10 hours total)hursday, 24 March, 2011  from 4:00 am to 7:00 pm  (one day ~ 10 hours of training)  OR

Note: There will be one optional extra hour for question and answer on


ACU Corporation

421 First AVE SW Suite 305

(Premiers Bank Professional Building)


  • We recommend minimum age 12, maximum age 112

Price $49.00