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PC 101 - Brief Introduction to Personal Computer

All computers contain four major components, hardware, BIOS (basic input output system), operating system and applications. This course aims to demystify computers and present heuristically the major components and their functionality. You will be presented the 10 major functional hardware components: the central processing unit (CPU), mainboard, random access memory (RAM),  hard disk drive (HDD), video graphics adapter (VGA) card, computer case, monitor, keyboard, mouse. You are going to touch and see each part, and get brief explanation how they work. You will be shown in action different operating systems ( such as GNU/Linux, Unix, Windows, and MacOS), and applications for image processing, video and sound editing, electronics and bio informatics.  During the 2 hour duration of the course you will be offered plenty of opportunity to ask questions and interact. However, you will have the opportunity to attend two more in depth courses - Linux 101 - "Debian GNU/Linux installation and configuration", and "How to build your computer".

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