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BioINFO 105 - 3D Analysis of Biomolecular Crystal Structures

Arguably, more important than our walk on the Moon, is the full public access to 70000 of biological macromolecular structures (proteins, nucleic acids and complex macromolecules) generated through X-ray crystalography, and reconstructed at atomic and molecular (Angstrom) resolution. The 3D structures of these biomolecules will stand at the base of new and more complete integration and understanding of human physiology and pathology, and the promise to near the entry into the era of rational drug design. These uber-gold mines are available for exploration to newcomers from general population, high school students, as well as, to top notch research biomedical scientists, physicians, and graduate students pursuing  translational or fundamental questions.

This 6 hours hands-on course will enable you to visualize and explore features of X-ray crystal generated structures using a series of Open Source applications such as PyMol and Coot. The attendants will generate 3-D images and movies of the structures, identify functional aspects of the structures, measure distances and other features of those macromolecules and if time permits, explore few attempts for rational drug design and how knowledge of 3D structure is useful.

This course is made under the assumptions that attendants are familiar with organismal, cellular and molecular organization, and good handle of basic building blocks of life: nucleotides, amionacids, lipids, carbohydrates and water. For general population, high school students and teachers we have special dedicated sessions whereby basic biological concepts will be introduced along with bioinformatics.

The courses are taught using Open Source applications running on Debian GNU/Linux Operating system. However, though most of the applications run also on Windows, MacOS or Unix, for ease and continuity, and in case you want to use your own computer for all hands-on lectures, we highly recommend you to have Debian GNU/Linux installed in your personal computer. We can install it for you at a nominal fee, teach you how to install Debian GNU/Linux (Linux 101), as a stand alone OS or as a dual boot option, along with your existing Operating System (e.g. Windows7).

Price $49.00