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BioINFO 102 - Image Analysis and Quantification

The quantification and analysis 2D and 3D images generated in clinical practice and biomedical research are of central importance for clinical outcome and discovery. This is a hands-on, 8 hour beginner course, aimed for physicians, nurses and researchers who will learn to quantify images generated in either clinical setting such as X-Ray, MRI, CT Scans and histopathology, or from biomedical experiments where the attendants will quantify western blots, micrographs generated from laser confocal or electron microscopy. Among few Open Source imaging tools, ImageJ is the pivot application in this course.  ImageJ is a simple yet powerful software with a myriad of plug-ins, making it a  versatile "Swiss-knife" for image quantification. ImageJ is in public domain and runs equally well on GNU/Linux, Unix, MacOS and Windows operating systems.

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