Personalized medicine and biomedical research are revolutionized by the emergence of low cost whole genome sequencing, gene expression array and proteomics.

We enable busy scientists and clinicians to concentrate on act of science and medical practice by providing an integrative, affordable solution that has easy graphic interface (web based) that includes:

  • High performance, scalable, WHOLE GENOME ANALYSIS SERVERS.
  • Gene Expression Microarray and Bioinformatics Workstations
  • Laboratory specific customization
  • Comprehensive Applied BioInformatics Training
  • Deployed on the premise (as virtualization or private cloud), or on our cloud environment.
  • Analytical/Technical Support and Consulting
  • Open Source = no licence fee, 100% customizable, portable

The solution is customized for each laboratory, and it can be easily scalable from a small laboratory of 10 people and 12 TB of data, to a departmental or enterprise level of hundreds of users and massive storage and high performance needs