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Debian GNU/Linux Desktop and Applications - Technical Support

Acu Corporation offers technical expertise and troubleshooting in following areas:

  • GNOME/KDE Desktop Support (e.g. ALSA, Graphics Card Troubleshooting and Installations)
  • Transition from WIndows to Linux - Dual Booting or Virtual Server Environment
  • Office Applications (OpenOffice.org - Write, Impress, Calc)
  • Video Capturing and Editing (Kino and KDEnlive)
  • Image Processing (Inkscape and GIMP)

Troubleshooting - Technical Support & Services

The ubiquity, stability and variety of GNU/Linux and open source free software is

However, individuals and business using this platform may need help and technical support with the products.

Open Source is known for a wide community of people ready to help, but there are times where you need to get the things done.


  1. Remember that in 99% of the cases is the user who needs the fix :)
  2. Reproduce few times the steps leading to the problem you want to solve.
  3. READ the error message (most people do not bother, computers are almost 100% accurate, they tell you what is the problem and they do not care about your mood)
  4. Search Google by placing howto in front of your keywords e.g. howto install nvidia debian squeeze
  5. Go to CHAT ROOMS at  IRC #Freenode #debian or at OFTC # Debian and ASK the QUESTION DIRECTLY (there are thousand of people there - do not greet - write your question clearly stating the hardware, OS version and the problem you face - e.g. I run Debian GNU/Linux Version 6.0 AMD64 on HP Laptop with AMD Turion X2 4 GB RAM 100 MB - In GNOME - how can I make the system boot without asking username and password )


CALL ACU Corporation - 507-204-4881

EMAIL: techsupport@acucorporation.com

Bellow are few aspects we can help: