Troubleshooting Algorithm 

Before elaborating sophisticated troubleshooting schemes, remember that 99% of computer problems are end user related (did not pay attention, enter wrong command, typo, etc). Once you made sure that is not end user related - proceed though the following algorithm:  

  1. REPRODUCE the steps leading to the problem
  2. READ the error message (most people do not bother, computers are almost 100% accurate, they do not care about your mood)
  3. SEARCH Google by placing howto in front of your keywords e.g. howto install nvidia debian squeeze
  4. Go to IRC #Freenode #debian or at OFTC # Debian and ASK the QUESTION (there are thousand of people there - do not greet - write your question clearly stating the hardware, OS version and the problem you face) e.g. "I run Debian GNU/Linux version 6.0 AMD64 installed in a dual core AMD64 with NVIDIA VGA card - I would like to use 3D features of Compiz - how can I do that ?"
  5. In case none of the above works, contact ACU Corporation, we will be glad to help.


ACU Corporation provides affordable technical support and services for businesses currently employing Linux and  Open Source IT infrastructures, or contemplating migration from proprietary (e.g. Microsoft or Apple) to Free/Libre Open Source solutions.

The following table illustrates few aspects of support and services we provide:

Support for Workstation Hardware and Software

 Tech Support for Network & Servers

Desktop & Server Support
  •  Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, RedHat Enterprise Linux, Scientific Linux, and CentOS
  • KDE
  • X server graphic card configurations
  • ALSA and PULSE audio installation and configuration
  • Printer and scanner configuration
  • Migration from Microsoft Windows to GNU/Linux
  • - Impress Presentation, Write Document Editing
  • Ekiga,
  • LinPhone
  • Skype
  • TeamViewer
  • VNC remote desktop
  • VLC
  • GIMP
  • Inkscape
  • KDEnlive
Scientific Computing
  • Genomics (Galaxy Bioinformatics Suite)
  • Bioinformatics -  EMBOSS, TM4, Pymol, Coot, Autodock, ImageJ
  • Mathematics - Sage
  • Electronics Kicad & GeDA 
Local Area Network
  • Modem and router configuration
  • Firewall configuration
  • Port Forwarding
  • Securing Wireless Network
Wide Area Network & Internet
  • Virtual Network Computing
  • Remote ssh and ftp connections
  • Virtual Private Network
GNU/Linux Servers
  • File Sharing through Samba
  • Kerberos
  • LDAP
  • KVM Server Virtualization
  • Integration & Migration from Microsoft Windows to Linux
Web, Mail and FTP Servers
  • Apache HTTP
  • Postfix
  • ProFTPD
Course & Content Management Servers
  • Django
  • Django-CMS and Mezzanine
  • Moodle
  • Edx

THE FEE STRUCTURE for Technical Support and Services is based on the nature of the job, location, duration and it can be per hour, per job, or as a maintenance contract.

As a ball park, the DESKTOP TECH SUPPORT FEE starts at USD 65.00/hour while SERVER TECH SUPPORT FEE starts at USD 75.00/hour.