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Content management

News, Radio and TV Stations

It is hard to imagine a succesful news organization, a radio station or a tv station without a proper portal towards the world wide web. We offer news management systems with customized editorial flow. Also for radio stations web broadcast options or other database driven management of their resources. For TV stations we offer options for video conversion and broadcast on recorded or live. The solutions provided by us are totally based on Open Source technology and we integrate required servers with existing technology.

E-Commerce Websites

Though ubiquitous, e-commerce have not yet reach its full potential. One reason for delay is relatively high cost of setting up and running an e-commerce portal. The other reason was relative challenge to maintain modern design which can be populated and maintained by non IT personnel. ACU Corporation provides affordable options for database driven, e-commerce, content management systems. Of course, once setup, the system content is easily updated by non IT personnel with basic computer skills (typing and using the mouse). We intend to make it stable and easy to use at affordable costs.

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions such across all levels have two major challenges, one it is a smooth modern course management system, and second a content management system whereby all resources, personnel, projects documents. multimedia fviles and other assets requires a smooth management. We provide an integration between course management and content management for such institutions.