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Basic Principles of ACU Solutions

An ever faster world driven by change, efficiency and globalization, poses equal challenges for big corporations or universities, as it does to grocery stores or local high schools.

In order to help optimize your operations, ACU Corporation provides intelligent, fluid and scalable information technology and biotech/biomed solutions that are:

  1. Affordable at best price/performance:  Your investment in an IT solution should ease and amplify your business operations, without breaking the checkbook. 
  2. Flexible and scalable: Any solution should embed elements to deal with growth, and quick adaptation to change.
  3. Based on Free/Libre Open Source: Free software community is global, ever growing and vibrant. The owner at large of Open Source GPL software is HUMANKIND. This insures perpetuity and refinement for most open source solutions.
  4. Globalization ready: The global border-less network of millions of voluntaries generates software which is global from ground up, from choices of languages to interconnectivity standards and scalability.
  5. No vendor lock for maintenance and technical support: Open Source Free software allows you to choose who supports your product at any time in the future, releasing the old fashion model when you were locked in price and expertise to the software vendor.

Welcome to a different kind of world of Open Source Free/Libre solutions!

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