All institutions, from big corporations to grocery stores, from universities to local high schools,  are equally challenged by change, efficiency and globalization. Information technology remains the key ingredient to overcome this challenges.

For any organization in need for increased efficiency and adaptability, ACU Corporation offers solutions that are:

  1. Affordable at best price/performance:  Your investment in an IT solution should ease and amplify your business operations at lowest cost of total ownership. 
  2. Flexible and scalable: Any solution should embed elements to deal with growth, and quick adaptation to change.
  3. Based on Free/Libre Open Source: Free software community is global, ever growing and vibrant. The owner at large of Open Source GPL software is HUMANKIND. This lends credence for freedom, and insures perpetuity for open source solutions.
  4. Globalization ready: The global border-less network of millions of volunteers generates software which is global from ground up, from choices of languages to inter-connectivity standards and scalability.
  5. No vendor lock for maintenance and technical support: Open Source Free software allows you to choose who supports your product at any time in the future, releasing the old fashion model when you were locked in price and expertise to the software vendor.


General Business

  • Web Design & Web Server Configuration
  • Content Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Mail & Collaborative Server
  • Local Area Network Setup
  • Video Surveillance

Academia  (Universities & Schools)

  • Course Management Systems
  • Content Management
  • Web Design
  • Mail Servers and Groupware
  • Video Surveillance

Biotechnology Centers

  • Bioinformatics Servers & Workstations
  • Content Management Systems
  • Clinical Management Systems for Research Animals
  • Scientific Monitoring

Health Care Industry   (Hospitals, Primary Care Clinics & Home Health Care)

  • Electronic Health Record System
  • Database Driven Content Management Systems
  • Video Surveillance


A major addition to our safety and peace of mind is the ability to see your home or business from anywhere in the world, 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

ACU Corporation offers ultra high resolution, affordable surveillance systems, accessed and monitored from any web capable device. These are few of the main featurse of our system:

  • Web based simultaneous multiple remote live/recorded surveillance
  • Ultra High resolution CMOS, or 550 TV lines CCD  cameras
  • Motion detection
  • Export video or single image
  • Digital zoom
  • Visual search by day, hour or second
  • Direct local or remote backup
  • Integration and integration of existing legacy analog cameras through our system

Call or email solutions@acucorporation for further information, a free on site assessment and quote.

Scientific Monitoring in Research and Engineering

Vivamus sed

Scientific research employs routine visual assessments and quantification of carefully controlled time experiments. We provide simultaneous, multiplex, ultra high resolution monitoring for a large array of experiments such as overall movement of  knock-out or transgenic mice, altruistic behavior in primates, or the movement of a cell in a dish, all monitored without any additional disturbance,  from the comfort of the scientist office or laboratory or from thousands of miles away.

We offer full customization and flexibility with regard to number of simultaneous monitoring, timing and other factors in order to meet each investigator requirements.

Please feel free to contact us by email or phone for inquiries, or a quote.