We can help you to deal with:

  • Data Analysis (100s of TBs)
  • Capture processes and protocols
  • Custom programing, Linux and statistics
  • Consultancy on Bioinformatics Infrastructure
  • Hands-On Training to ensure
    • Staff transitioning
    • Portability from lab to lab
  • Private Storage and Cloud Computing
  • Switch from proprietary software to open source


ACU Corporation provides a full range of Open Source based products and services to support research in genomics, proteomics, and gene expression.

Following is a brief description of our solutions:

  • Integrated Solution
    • Whole genome and gene expression microarray analysis software
    • Hardware, servers, best practice ecosystem
    • Ubiquitous access secured Web access
  • Time to Functional Deployment:
    • 30 Days  to Single Investigator System (Laboratory ~ 10 users)
    •  90 Days to Scalable Departmental Version (>30 users)
    • 120 days to functional Private Cloud Elastic Infrastructure (Departmental/Enterprise >80 users)
  • 100% Open Source
    • No Software License Fees
    • No vendor lock-in
    • Stable & scalable (Cloud and/or High Performance Computing environments)
  • Portable Deployment Units
    • Virtual machines
  • Ubiquitous access secured Web access
    • Browser base
  • Training
    • On premise hands-on
    • Remote
  • Analytical Consulting & Technical Support
    • Analyse requirements
    • Recommend packages
    • Assess experimental objective development
    • Hypothesis generation
    • Data exploration
    • Analysis and model generation

For more details contact us:

email acu@acucorporation.com

phone: (507)358-2929

Laboratory Management System:

  We offer complete Customized Enterprise Resource Planning to Fit your Laboratory.

This Integrated System includes:

  1. Project Management
  2. Inventory
  3. Experimental & Manufacturing Management
  4. Financial Accounting
  5. Human Resources etc.

This will ease managing data generated in  modern biomedical or clinical  laboratories are compounded by expensive and  dynamic inventory, sophisticated experimental protocols and high personnel turnover.

The promise is to liberate  researchers to concentrate on the act of science, and clinicians to the act of patient care.