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Digital Freedom - Adaptation and Survival at Your Fingertips

Capacity to adapt and shape your life is not anymore solely dependent on your money, muscle or raw brain power. Survival means decision and action based on capacity to handle and filter relevant information with speed. GNU/Linux and a myriad of Free/Libre Open Source projects have put at every human's fingertip, without exception, the ultimate computing power. Top notch operating systems and applications free to copy, modify and distribute, can run your smart phone, laptops, or supercomputers controlling submarines or space shuttles. Freedom is at your fingertip, we can help you leverage it.

Video: Vision's Evolutionary Extension

Ninety percent of all our information comes from visual input. Vision is fundamental for our good feeling, love and safety. Unprecedented in human history, you as a person or small business are afforded the chance to video broadcast or monitor your experiments, business or home. We provide affordable and flexible solutions and leverage for your benefit the latest technology in this field.


Unprecedented amount of data is generated from clinical practice and biomedical research. Bioinformatics offers a wide array of tools to quantify and analyse biological data, and determine patterns and extract predictive value from it. The applications are wide, from 2D/3D Image processing (MRI, CAT, histology or immunoflurescence) to microarray gene expression profiling, rational drug design and so much more. We offer a series of hands-on bioinformatics course for busy physicians, researchers, nurses and other people interested in getting a quick functional and useful jump-start.

Challenges as Opportunities

Survival in current high-pace technological and economical environment depends on emotional, intellectual and technological capability to adapt. 

We provide on premise (Chicago & Twin Cities) or world-wide remote, cutting edge, scalable adaptive personal and business solutions as following: 

  1. IT and bioinformatics/biomedical  integrated software and hardware solutions.
  2. Hands-on, practical training in information technology, biotech/biomedical sciences & health care for professionals and general public.

ACU Corporation operates under a novel paradigm whereby solutions and training provided are based on Free/Libre, Open Source software, and Open Access know-how built over the years by a global border-less network of millions of volunteers, and owned by humankind at large.  

Welcome to a different kind of world, Free/Libre Open Source and Open Access!