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ACU Corporation is a start-up IT, Biotech/Biomed enterprise headquartered in Rochester, MN US, with offices in Chicago Area.

We provide training and complete software,  hardware and biotechnology systems for businesses, schools, universities and biomedical research institutions.

The following table is a partial sample of our activities:



Internet and Intranet Web Based Solutions (Webservers, Website Design, FTP and Mail Servers) GNU/Linux from Desktop to Datacenter training
Course Management Solutions (Businesses, Hospitals, Schools & Universities) Fundamental of Database Management Systems (MySQL and PostgreSQL)
Database Driven Content Management Systems Web Technology (Apache Web Server, PHP, CSS, Javascript)
Bioinformatics for Biomedical Research Laboratories Applied Bioinformatics

Our business vision and strategy has deeply embedded core human values of sharing and altruism. We acknowledge that whatever we are able to do, it is because of humankind effort and contribution at large.

The social responsibility we try to project is materialized through some of the following actions:

  •  Keep the fees at the edge of our cost, so we can enable people, who otherwise would not have an opportunity, to enter futuristic fields of information technology, bio-tech and biomedical sciences.
  • Accept alternatives methods of payment or provide grants for people who cannot afford full fees.
  • Use mostly Free/Libre Open Source tools and many of the training materials or code we produce end up in the public domain as GPL documentation or software. This feeds an ever amplifying cycle of global scale which spreads to every human, without any differentiation.
  • Proceeds from profits for ACU Corporation are redirected to non-profit global education and aging & cancer initiatives.

Thank you for visiting with us.