Challenges as Opportunities

Survival in current high-pace technological and economical environment depends on emotional, intellectual and technological capability to adapt. 

We provide on premise (Chicago & Twin Cities) or world-wide remote, cutting edge, scalable adaptive personal and business solutions as following: 

  1. IT and bioinformatics/biomedical  integrated software and hardware solutions.
  2. Hands-on, practical training in information technology, biotech/biomedical sciences & health care for professionals and general public.

ACU Corporation operates under a novel paradigm whereby solutions and training provided are based on Free/Libre, Open Source software, and Open Access know-how built over the years by a global border-less network of millions of volunteers, and owned by humankind at large.  

Welcome to a different kind of world, Free/Libre Open Source and Open Access!

Training & Solutions Highlights


Beyond Theory 

There is no vision without execution.  Our mission is to enable you EXECUTE YOUR VISION and bring theoretical concepts, technology and know-how to relevant tangible outcome.


Knowledge is Power Only Applied!


Personalized medicine and biomedical research are revolutionized by low cost whole genome sequencing, gene expression array and proteomics.

We provide integrated high performance affordable solutions with friendly end user graphic interface (web based) so researchers and physicians can concentrate on act of science and medical practice :

  • Whole Genome Analysis Servers (Galaxy).
  • Gene Expression Microarray Workstations
  • Laboratory specific customization
  • Training
  • Deployed on the premise (as virtualization or private cloud)
  • Analytical/Technical Support and Consulting
  • 100% Open Source
  • 100% Customizable, Scalable & Portable

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